This year the Portugal Air Summit 2018 will offer another stand-out novelty – the ARC, Air Race Championship. 
This is a unique air race that will awaken emotions and lure thousands of people to Ponte de Sor. 

The Air Race Championship had its first world début in Cascais in 2014, with enormous success and great media coverage.

In 2016, the race in Lisbon brought 800 000 people to the vicinity of Vasco da Gama bridge for an outstanding airshow, which featured the Portuguese air force and other international sideacts. 

The elite pilots, who come from all over the world, get ready for each race through thorough private training  - the PRTC - Pylon Racing Training Camp.  Ponte de Sor is the ARC’s preferred spot for holding this international training camp due to its unique features and exemplary conditions.